Marks made in haste, structures quickly erected, abstraction out of necessity. These are things that I find beautiful.  A quick sketch on a cocktail napkin. A drawing on the wall of your cave. The marks I make and the forms I construct embody this way of working. There are many attempts and many losses, yet risk imbues each piece with a kinetic, anxious energy.

I make pots and I draw on them. My clay is made locally and I make my own slip and glaze from simple materials. The forms are inspired from the rich tradition under which I studied and the marks and patterns distilled from the time I’ve spent conveying a simple idea through drawing. I throw a pot on the wheel, dip it in slip, and quickly draw on the wet surface. Iteration and repetition. Rinse and repeat.


I live and work in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Production Artist / StarWorks Center for Creative Enterprise / 2015-present

Winter Resident / Penland School of Craft / January 2019

Artist in Residence / The Bright Angle / summer 2018

Artist in Residence / StarWorks Center for Creative Enterprise / 2015

Apprentice / Daniel Johnston Pottery / 2013-2015